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We love cinema and believe films deserve to be watched in a social environment with like-minded people and the opportunity to celebrate all you love about movies. Our screenings offer an exciting alternative atmosphere in which to watch your favourite films, along with the opportunity to acquire some exclusive art by seriously talented up and coming artists. Each screening is a bit different so expect some surprises along the way.

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Chris, Jess and Joel met at a gallery exhibition for film poster art, and an idea began to form through our mutual love of film and nerdy obsession with screenprinted poster art. Copious amounts of tea and talking later, 5 Reel Film was born. 5 Reel Film is a manifestation of our main 2 loves in life – film and art. Naturally anything that combines the two, sends us off the richter scale of excitement and we therefore hoped it would excite other people too. We decided to throw open the doors to our obsessive little world and hope the weird and the wonderful would come on in and join us.

about us

Film poster collecting is absolutely huge in the USA and as a result the scene is very US centric, with exclusive gallery shows, events and poster drops all favouring the American collector. UK collectors are ever growing in numbers, but postage charges and the limited nature of prints mean we are always playing catch up. We were sick of playing second fiddle to the Americans and decided to bring the scene to the great people of Britain instead!